M.Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates is a transnational law firm founded in 1976. Our law firm is the local partner of the World Bank in Iran due to its annual contribution to different fields of Iranian law. The firm’s multi-skilled legal team includes three partners and six associates, each excelling in their specialized areas. Mr. Mahmoud Ebadi Tabrizi is the senior partner and founder of the firm. He is a professional litigator, quite well known by the local courts. He is also member of several national and international legal communities.  

In more than 39 years of activity, our firm has been at the leading edge of Iranian law, working on many of the most prominent and high-profile cases in Iran. Our firm consistently wins high accolades from clients; for instance, Salzgitter Mannesmann Handel has commented thatWe praise M. Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates for its professionalism, integrity and transparency. ista International has also praised the firm for its successful and lengthy litigation against its powerful Iranian rivals. The Italian company NewCo Car s.r.l has expressed its satisfaction with the services of the firm against its Iranian governmental opponent.
M. Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates’ record of four decades of practicing law involving complex multi-jurisdictional cases in Iran means that there is a high possibility that clients’ businesses can directly benefit from the firm’s experience and expertise. No matter what field of activity, our firm is more than happy to help its clients’ businesses flourish and solve any issues that they might face, believing that clients’ successes is its pride