Our people

What gives our lawyers the superior capability to resolve the most complex or contentious issues currently facing your business?

Part of the answer obviously lies in their high-caliber expertise and wide experience - with many being among the most highly regarded practitioners in their specialized areas. But, as we hope you will soon discover, there is something else that sets our people apart.
In a nutshell, they are better at building relationships. We believe that to be a really brilliant lawyer, you also need to be a personable, engaged and mature human being. And our firm's friendly, open and collaborative style enables us to employ and work with individuals who fully possess those characteristics.


Mahmoud Ebadi Tabrizi : The senior partner

and founder of the Firm. He is graduated from

the State University of Tehran, member

of Central Bar Association and many other  

International Legal Communities.He is a

contributor to World Bank.

Area of practice: Agency, Distribution &

Franchise. Joint Ventures,Commercial

& Corporate Law. Arbitration, Litigation & Dispute

Resolution and Foreign Investment Law.  

Languages: English, Turkish, Arabic, Azeri and Farsi.   

Dr. Hussein Taleghani : Ggraduated From

Glasgow University.He has PHD in Private Law.

Partner of the Firm.

Area of Practice: Joint Ventures, Corporate Law,

Languages: English and Farsi.

DR. Reza Mojtehedi Graduted from Instanbul

University, Professor in Azad University and

Attorney at Law. He is  associate member.

Area of Practise: Labour Law, Litigation,

Dispute Resolution. Commercial & Corporate

Languages: Turkish, English, Azeri and Farsi.

Mrs. Fariba Maleki (Ebadi): graduated from

Tehran Unversity, Faculty of Law. She is Partner 

of the Firm.

Area of Practice: Civil Law, Corporate Law,

Joint ventures, IP Matters and family law.

Languages: English, Turkish, Azeri and Farsi.

Mahdi FattahiGraduated from National 

University of Singapore. He has three LL.M. degrees.

Attorney at Law and member of Iranian Central Bar Association.

He is associate member.

Area of Practise: Oil, Drilling, Contracts, International Business Law,

 Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, Litigation,  and Joint Ventures

Languages: English and Farsi

Bahman Torab Nezhad: Attorney at Law, member of

Central Bar Association .

He is associate member

Area of Practise: Litigation & Dispute

Resolutions.Merger & Accuisition.

Languages: English & Farsi.

Hassan Mardani: The Ex-trainee of the Firm,

Master degree. Attorney at law, member of

Central Bar Association and associate member

of the Firm.

Area of Practise: Litigation & Dispute Resolution.

Languages: Farsi & English.

Ali Falsafi: Graduated from Tehran University 

Faculty of Law. He is Notary and associate


Languages: Farsi and English.

Saeed Faghan Nezhad: Attorney at Law

Graduated from Tehran University. He

has mater degree and is associate member.

Area of Practise: Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property.

Languages: English & Farsi.